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Let’s face it.

Many of us don’t want to leave that youthful look as we age. Still, there exist a lot of factors and conditions that contribute to its loss, such as time, stress, environment, heredity, and others.

The good thing is that, while the age can’t be restored, the youthful looks can. This is made possible through a facelift.

What is a Facelift?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure being done to restore that youthful appearance on the face of the patient.

This procedure works by removing the excess and sagging skin, and it smooths the deep folds as it lifts and tightens every deep tissue in the face. Some say that facelift swings the clock back to those who received this procedure, achieving the look of their youthful selves. Thus, this surgery has the potential to help its patients appear not just younger, but even better.

As the aging process happens over time, the skin begins to lose its elasticity, and the face loses its volume. This results in the appearance of jowls, deeper wrinkles, and loose skin on the neck. While some people aren’t being bothered by this, there are still those who do. And it is for these people that facelift surgery serves its purpose.

Thus, if you are conscious about the way you look, with all the sagging skin and aging neck, and if you see yourself looking older than you feel, then a Facelift procedure would be ideal for you.

Patients who undergo this procedure experience a boost in self-confidence, as their appearance catch up with their healthy and energetic mind. Who knows? Perhaps through this procedure, you might even experience better than these.

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How can you prepare for a Facelift procedure?

Before undergoing a facelift, there might be some things you need to do and prepare for it. Here are a few:

Get lab testing or a medical evaluation

Facelift, like any procedure, requires thorough testing. You first need to pass some sort of medical test and have a consent from a doctor affirming that you’re free to undergo surgery.

Take certain medications or adjust your current medications

You might be required to take some prescriptions to prepare yourself beforehand. If you are currently taking medication, you may be required to make adjustments to it.

Apply certain products to the facial skin preoperatively

There may be several products that you need to apply on your face, as preparation for the surgery.

Stop smoking

While it is naturally harmful in every way, smoking must be stopped before facelift surgery, as it can be an invitation to poor wound healing and skin loss after the procedure.

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs

Taking medications such as aspirin, herbal supplements, and other anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided before the procedure, as they can increase bleeding and bruising.

Have someone to accompany you

A facelift is usually done in an accredited office-based facility, in a licensed surgical center, or a hospital. Wherever it is, be sure to arrange a family or a friend to drive you to and from the place of surgery, and to accompany you until the night after the surgery, as you must have someone in case there arises a need for something.

How long do the Results of a Facelift Last?

While a facelift can effectively produce a youthful appearance on your face & neck, its results aren’t permanent. The facial skin may start drooping again. It is important to remember that this surgery doesn’t halt the aging process. After some time, the aging process may become visible again. Generally, however, the results of a facelift procedure are expected to last for 10 years.

How is facelift plastic surgery recovery?

Here are some of the things most patients experience after receiving the surgery, as well as some tips to help you deal with it.

 While most patients experience some discomfort after the procedure, there are prescribed medications they can take, to relieve them from it.


  • The bruising and swelling may worsen after a day or two, and they can continue for a few days, so it is important to be prepared for it.
  • Generally, you’ll be able to recover from the surgery in around two weeks. However, surgeons would recommend doing vigorous activities 4 weeks after the surgery.
  • The incisions, as well as the bandages, must always be kept dry, and patients should follow instructions given by the surgeon regarding their washing and bathing. Stitches are removed mostly from about 5-10 days post-surgery.
  • There are specific instructions that doctors give, and these should be followed strictly for a quicker healing process, and to be able to achieve the best possible result.
  • Experiencing numbness and stiffness is normal, especially after the surgery. When it comes to the scars, it would take a year to wear off or fade.
  • While a facelift can give you that youthful appearance effectively, it is still not an excuse to disregard a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and a regular exercise, as these things would be a great factor to keep the results.
  • It is important to avoid smoking at all costs and limit the intake of alcohol as much as possible. By doing this, the youthful appearance of the skin as a result of the surgery would be prolonged. Other things that should be avoided include stress, prolonged exposure to sunlight, and frequent contact with pollutants.

How much does it cost?

Various factors play an important role when it comes to the cost of a facelift procedure. Most variations depend on the surgeon’s experience level and the condition of the skin that will receive the surgery. The price of a facelift today ranges from $7,700.00 to $11,780.00.

It is highly recommended that those who would want to undergo the facelift surgery should make an effort to research about it, especially when it comes to choosing the surgeon who will perform it for them. They must know their surgeon, and so it is ideal to start looking at the doctor’s education, experiences, training, the results of their work, and the recommendations of their patients.

One place where you can find reliable and renowned doctors when it comes to facelift surgeries is the ASPS or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as it is the biggest organization in the world that specializes in plastic surgery. In it, you will be able to find relevant information in planning your facelift surgery.


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