Tummy Tuck  | From $25 Week | call 305.995.0545

Mommy Makeover  | From $35 Week | call 305.995.0545

Liposuction  | From $18 Week | call 305.995.0545

Breast Augmentation  | From $16 Week | call 305.995.0545

Brazilian Butt Lift  | From $24 Week | call 305.995.0545

Breast Lift  | From $25 Week | call 305.995.0545



Explicit Adult Graphic Content

Dolls Plastic Surgery illustrates before & after patient image results.  In an attempt to help you visualize & review Our completed quality cosmetic procedures.  Dolls Plastic Surgery transforms your inner/outer appearance & lifestyle. The website pictures depict actual patient procedures performed at Dolls Plastic Surgery facilities containing graphic nudity.

All of the online photographs are intended for adult audiences. Who have searched for additional relevant visual images.–The searcher has performed specific keyword searches.  Thus requesting their given content. Which is only intended for consenting visitors. These visitors are over the age of 18.  Adults consenting to view sections of sexual nature. Please be aware that our galleries contain graphic nudity, This content may be offensive to some people.

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Mommy Makeover Before & After

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