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What is a mommy makeover surgery?

Pregnancy brings a lot of happiness into a woman’s life. However, it makes many drastic changes in the body of women. Some changes are permanent and affect the confidence and look of women. After pregnancy, women might experience deflated breasts, weight gain, stretch marks, and belly fat. The surplus fat around the abdomen makes it difficult for women to get back their slim look. They follow a healthy diet and combine it with workouts to eliminate the fat deposits from core areas. However, none of these prove effective.

Even if some lose some body weight, they encounter some other skin problems. Their skin loses the elasticity, and they look older than their age. These changes will be permanent and might cause both physical and mental issues. They will not feel as confident as before. If they love a slim and young look, they might it hard to lead a quality life with these changes in the body.

In that condition, they can consider a mommy makeover surgery. This is a plastic surgery procedure designed to help all those who find it hard to get back the previous look after the pregnancy. You can contact the best American society of plastic surgeons to know more about the procedure and effectiveness. The surgery will be completed within several hours. More importantly, the mommy makeover recovery time will be limited to some weeks only.

How Can You Prepare for a Mommy Makeover Procedure?

Motherhood is the best phase in the life of a woman. They do many sacrifices to give a better life to their little ones. During this, they ignore their health. Also, multiple pregnancies bring many irreparable changes in their body. They look aged when the skin loses the elasticity. Any woman who thinks that she needs improvement in the weight, breast size, and stretch marks, she could think of a mommy makeover. You will have to prepare yourself for this procedure. Even if the recovery does not take long, there will be some prior preparations to make the process safe and more effective.

Smoking mothers will have to be a bit more careful. They need to quit smoking four weeks before mummy makeover surgery. They will have to quit smoking completely to make the healing fast. The same is about alcohol. They should avoid consuming alcohol one week before the surgery. In addition to alcohol and smoking, they should avoid certain medications.

Some medications that include blood thinners, vitamins, or anti-inflammatory medicines should be avoided two weeks before the mommy makeover surgery. They should discuss with the surgeon to know the impact and how long they need to discontinue before and after the surgery. If the instructions are not followed, they can experience bleeding, excessive bruising, and even swelling. The surgeon will prescribe some medications that the patient should take before and after the surgery to avoid bleeding and make the healing fast.

A healthy diet will also be suggested before and after the procedure to boost immunity. A strong immune system will offer a speedy recovery. A balanced meal and protein-rich diet should be followed for a period of three to five weeks to get the same benefits. Also, they need to create a favorable environment in their home to speed up the recovery.

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How Long Does the Mommy Makeover Surgery Last?

The duration of a mummy makeover surgery will vary depending on the experience of the surgeon as well as the procedure. Mommy makeover surgery term is used for all types of surgeries that might be body surgery or breast surgery.

The procedure will be decided depending on each patient. The surgeon will evaluate each patient and the specific condition to decide on a combination surgery. They will go through the medical and physical conditions to know which procedure can be a safe choice.

When it comes to an approximate time, a mommy makeover that includes abdomen, breasts, and liposuction will take around six hours. However, it is important to choose the right surgeon for the procedure to make it safe. Before going ahead with the decision, patients should discuss every possible factor to avoid any confusion. They should ask about the risk and recovery.

Once they will be familiar with the procedure and recovery process, they can prepare themselves for all the challenges. However, a reliable and experienced plastic surgeon will make the process safe and even less time-consuming.

How Is Mommy Makeover Surgery Recovery?

Like the surgery duration, the recovery time will vary depending on the procedure. A mommy makeover includes many different procedures. One can combine all of them and can choose one depending on their budget and body condition. However, the recovery time should not take more than a couple of weeks regardless of the type of procedure. Once the procedure is done, many will feel confident about their body and appearance. They will start looking younger and can behave like younger as well. The negative impact of the surgery will not be reflected in the appearance. They can enjoy a young and slim body.

The mommy makeover surgery offers many benefits. She will feel confident and will look young. She can gather appreciations as well. However, the procedure will not be completely safe. It will involve some complications, risks, and side effects. Therefore, it is important to understand both the positives and negatives to prepare the mind for any possible challenges ahead. When it comes to the risks, some might experience internal bruising, infection, breast sensitivity, bleeding, soreness, capsular contracture, embolism, and fluid imbalance. A few might have deep vein thrombosis soon after the operation. However, this is rare.

All these side effects can be managed with proper medication. It is important to follow all the post-care instructions to minimize the possibility of side effects. Even if it is a bit riskier, it can be effective to boost the confidence of women. Confidence is a must if they want to lead a happy and successful life. They should talk to experienced plastic surgeons to get valuable insight and find the most suitable option depending on their budget and specific body condition.


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